Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2019

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I'm keeping some live notes for Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2019. #btconf

Quite possibly the most inspirational event that I've ever been to. I will 100% recommend Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf to anyone who cares about design and humanity and tech.

I'm trying to record my notes here for those talks I attend.

Carolyn Stransky - Humanising documentation

  • Why do we write documentation?
  • Use case driven documentation.
  • Don't describe visuals of component.
  • We do information docs that describe machinery.
  • But what if we talked about doing the job rather than describing tool?
  • How to drill into wall rather than how to change drill bit. How to use API rather than describing API.
  • Reference docs leave bad impression.
  • Nobody wants to read documentation. Seen as fallback.
  • Docs have to be more human
  • More considerate. E.g. don't use racist terms like master/slave
  • for this
  • Don't say "simply" or "just". Ban such isolating words
  • Show don't just day "this will take only 10 mins to setup"
  • "Write good" library for checking this stuff
  • Avoid bloated language.
  • "No one has ever complained that something is too easy to read"
  • Django girls docs are very good
  • Help by talking about errors you might encounter at any point.
  • Easy to get too close to product. And not write docs for others.
  • Go through whole process. Talk about it out loud. Write it down. Get colleague to watch and help.
  • Code snippets shouldn't be screenshots. A11y, copy and paste. Use semantic html. <code> and <pre>.
  • Excess Whitespace can get read out by screen readers!
  • Have meaningful variable names not foo bar.
  • Var fruits = [apple, orange]
  • Var array_of_items = [item1, item2]
  • Structure of Docs shapes learning journey.
  • Well structured HTML. Makes docs accessible immediately.
  • Look at unstyled view without CSS.
  • Documentation gets thrown in at end.
  • Not covered in a11y convos.
  • 1 in 200 Devs are hard of sight.
  • This is OUR responsibility.
  • Test our docs for a11y
  • Use axe tools. Use wave.
  • Create an accessibility policy for your docs.
  • Host an a11y Hackathon for your docs.
  • "Aim to be honest helpful and human "

Mike Hill - The Power of Metaphor

  • The power of metaphor.
  • Joseph Campbell "the hero with a thousand faces".
  • Carl Jung.
  • Myths and stories of civ influence what comes after.
  • Monomyth.
  • Mythology and psychology.
  • George Lucas was a cultural anthropologist, studied under Campbell.
  • Star Wars is perfect monomyth.
  • Whole thing is a metaphor for psychological development.
  • The structure of the monomyth exists because it gives form and sense.
  • "Journey to self realisation" Jungian concept.
  • "The masks that we wear". The personalities we put on for the world.
  • We push down impulses to fit with mask. The shadow.
  • This pushing down forms personality.
  • Our conscience is from authority growing up.
  • All great if authority source is good. Breaks down in poor environments.
  • Films have these psychological forces personified.
  • Joker is the shadow. Batman is conscience and order Bruce Wayne is the mask/personality
  • Shadow is imprisoned by mask
  • Shadow. Ego. Superego.
  • Monomyth is venturing into shadow.
  • Unconcious demands archetypes.
  • Jurassic Park.
  • Anima. Animus. Chaos. Control.
  • Malcolm as chaos. Hammond as god/order.

Red Hong Yi - Making Art With Familiar Objects

I have no notes on this. But I know I enjoyed sharing about her art projects and her love of people SO MUCH.

David Carson - Never Snap to Guides

  • Of Ray Gun magazine fame.
  • I got very excited and wanted to do examples of Ray Gun style design, but semantic and accessible.
  • "If you don't put some of yourself into the work you'll get replaced". You're going to get automated away. 💯

David Delgado - Imagination, Desire and the Call of the Future

David has got to produce amazing art as part of his job a the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

I spent the talk being very jealous and wishing I got to put pictures of Enceladus legitimately into my talks. 😭

Stephen Hay - I don't care what AirBnB is doing

  • The grass is always greener.
  • Design sameness "we need it because of convention"
  • We're inspired by those who do different.
  • We rely on conventions because we assume they will give us an acceptable solution with minimum of effort.
  • Non designers focus on prebuilt solutions. E.g. hamburger menu.
  • Hamburger ironic as it's mystery meat navigation.
  • Hamburger only became popular because FB did it.
  • We've made a convention for the form, but not for the content.
  • We're developing expertise in choosing prebuilt solutions, rather than designing.
  • Trying to be different by immigrating different won't make you different. Nothing exciting happens in the comfort zone.
  • Or work shouldn't be different. It should be appropiate.
  • Stop focussing on the solution. Start focussing on problem.
  • Try banning "solutions" in meetings.
  • You don't know why someone did something when you copy it. "Google did it - it must be good"
  • Keep a notes archive. Zettel Kasten.
  • Explore vs Exploit.
  • Always go from first principles. Do not assume.
  • Document why did things work. Why didn't it work. Document!
  • The shape of Content. Ben Shahn. Cultured. Educated. Integrated.
  • Whenever someone asks you to follow convention push back. Ask for evidence.
  • By not taking convention for granted you will grow and learn and achieved critical thinking.

Shirley Wu - Data, Design, Code

  • Amazing data visualisations.
  • Live coding D3, Vue and Greensock.
  • Wants to tell more stories about women, women in tech, the Chinese American experience. More physical experiences.
  • Fantastic visualisations of women Nobel prize winners (or the lack of them).

Zach Leatherman - The Scoville Scale of Font Loading

  • Wilbur Scoville. Scientific way to measure spiciness of food.
  • SHU. Scoville Heat Unit.

  • 0 SHU. The bell pepper.

  • It's web font not webfont. 😂
  • Specifications are amazing (of course).

  • 500 SHU. Banana pepper.

  • web fonts are good!
  • Nielman Labs post on simple fonts for mobile. Making case for system fonts.
  • "type is how we hear what we read"
  • "type is how we dress our content"
  • performance budgets are rad.

  • 2000 SHU Tabasco Sauce (Zach wtf is going on 😂)

  • sans-serif is same as defining Helvetica and Arial

    1. SHU
  • bulletproof font face technique - discouraged. Just use woff and woff2.
  • you CAN use local versions of fonts. But disaster probably follows.
  • use Firefox for fonts - it's great!
  • fonts are software and need maintenance and updates. So don't rely on local users.

    1. SHU chipotle
  • visible text more readable than invisible text. 😂🎉
  • use font-display: swap
  • tool for mapping the above to minimise jump. By @notwaldorf.

  • 40000 SHU cayenne pepper

  • Italics. Amazing when people spend part of performance budgets on real italic fonts.

  • 225000 SHU Habanero

  • Font licensing is a mess.
  • self hosted Vs cloud hosted.
  • subscription based on page views.
  • perpetual based on single large fee, but still page limited.
  • prepaid, buy bulk up front until exhausted
  • free, like Foogle Fonts.
  • licensing is complicated.
  • font companies track usage in different ways.
  • e.g import statement at top of page. But it's a blocking resource. Booo.
  • should be doing async is tracking.
  • "Font of the Month Club"

  • 1.4000000 SHU

  • icon fonts are outside web standards mainstream.

  • Carolina reaper 16000000 SHU.

  • Gotta consider long term of web projects. 10 years!
  • Zach recommends self hosting.
  • only way to make sure as fast as possible.

  • The dragon's breath 2480000 SHU

  • Best web browser?
  • probably Firefox and Safari.

@dorobot - napworking

  • Journal of check boxes. So lovely!
  • No idea is stupid. Take your crazy ideas seriously!
  • sleeping activates the default mode network.
  • The Default Mode Network allows spaghetti lateral thinking.
  • No sleep will kill you, yo.
  • making human needs a priority in a work world is taboo.
  • she decided to prioritise creativity over efficiency.
  • so more naps!
  • why do we value bussiness over napping?
  • let's get everyone napping and chilling!
  • She has a kattenkasten in real life. (I love this ♥️)
  • she writes down all ideas on cards
  • all of her videos are so adorable and amazing.
  • I have cried happily through most of this talk. 😭

Heydon Pickering - flexbox holy albatross

  • Flexbox wrapping.
  • intermediate states can look weird.
  • media queries are a hack.
  • they can only deal with viewports
  • so container queries?
  • for some reason they don't exist.
  • JengaScript 😂
  • JengaScript fails on single byte,which is why it's amazing.
  • Heydon is doing weird and fun things using CSS booleans, which he has invented using his brain.
  • Heydon's videos caused my brain to die.


  • The disconnection from real life.
  • Social media is damaging.
  • fuck social media
  • get your own website
  • be apart of the indieweb


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