About her


I'm a 40-something woman living in Berlin, Germany (the famous one, with the wall).

How do you sell your labor in order to survive in a capitalist system?

I'm a front end developer, which means I build the interfaces for the sites that you use every day. I specialise in creating simple, robust, and inclusive solutions. I have no time for the latest trends that appease the technological fetishising areas of the web community.

I'm a late entrant into the modern web game, only starting as a web developer in 2012. But I've been in kissing distance of the web and technology for most of my life, while working as a graphics designer in private business and a technology teacher and VLE admin at further education institutions.

I speak at events, write about the web and have a darned good reputation for what I do.

I work for Springer Nature (the good Springer, not the evil one) in Berlin, and was previously at BBC News in London, where I was responsible for building the 2015 General Election site and eating an awful lot of biscuits.


If you define me as a person then I'm a photography-taking, bike riding, beer drinking, feminist leftie.

I read more than is healthy, and spend as much time as I can exploring the beautiful world we inhabit.

Bonus fact

I have voluntary control of my tensor tympani muscles.


"Well, you do have a touch of the German techno-anarchist about you".